Focused Action’s Mission is to lead and serve others so that they may have everything that they need, and in turn, we will have everything that we want.
Focused Action’s Vision– To inspire leaders to be the best version of themselves. We will have a positive effect in the life of every leader that we encounter.


Never stop learning– We are a learning organization and we are committed to improving mentally, physically and spiritually. We know that from time to time we will make mistakes and we are committed to always learning from these mistakes. We work with our clients to become better learners and decision makers.

We are teachers- We are a teaching organization, and we are committed to learning new techniques and methods that will help us to touch our client’s hearts and minds

We are in the mindset that someone is always watching- We will do the right thing every time no matter what. We will do what’s right for our clients, even if it is not what’s right at the moment for the company.

We are committed to grow leaders– Leadership is making others better because of your presence and making it last in your absence. If we grow a leader who ends up leaving us, we

We are committed to Making a Mark- We will leave a legacy for our families, and we will make our community better than the way we found it. We will work with our clients to understand what legacy means to them and then construct a plan to get there.