How to learn new information and then action it?

How to learn new information and then action it?

“Stay curious, keep learning and keep growing. And always strive to be more interested than interesting.” – Jane Fonda

Whether you are trying to master a new skill or new technology or gather new information to keep yourself updated, there are many benefits to learning new things. I strongly believe that every learning experience is a strategic investment in yourself. Everyone has their own learning style, a way of gathering information and taking the best approach towards digesting information and data.

As a successful Entrepreneur, certified personal trainer and nutritional coach, I have always had to keep myself updated with new information from the industry and the market. Let’s start by focusing on the benefits of learning something new and some tips that’ll help you with the ongoing learning process.

It is important to be a lifelong learner, it helps you to improve, evolve and enhance productivity. When you spend time learning new information or a new skill, it helps build your internal database of knowledge. From developing some of the very first corporate wellness programs to promoting the concept of healthy food in the workplace, I have always had to upgrade my knowledge. There is no single best approach to learn but according to me some of the most effective learning strategies are to:

  1. Network with industry experts or subject matter experts and have direct communication with your coworkers and investors;
  2. Always teach what you’ve learnt to another person. Sharing knowledge or a newly learnt skill solidifies your knowledge;
  3. If you find a piece of interesting information or relevant data, take notes in the most structured and chronological manner that you can refer back to.;
  4. Most importantly, it’s never too late to develop the fundamental skill of reading. Whether you enjoy reading online or print, it develops your mind, discover new things, understands and learn new information as well as develops the imagination.

Just as how learning is important, implementing what you’ve learnt into use is equally significant. Apply the information you have learnt to transform knowledge you have gained into skills. You’ll make mistakes, but it will also help you work towards the right strategy in business as well as personal life.

If there’s one thing I have learned is to have a lifelong passion and drive towards what you love doing. I have always had a keen interest in health and fitness which drove me to create a space in the industry and tap into the market. But without constant and continuous learning and curiosity to gather relevant information, it would have never been possible. Learning new information builds curiosity and improves creative thinking. Becoming an effective learner will take time but it is always going to be worthwhile to establish new habits. Everyone has their own different learning styles, find yours and stick to it. Keep learning and broaden your horizons.

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