As the President and Founder Erik’s goal is to touch the hearts and souls of the audience. “It is my goal to ignite the same passion for learning and self-development that was lit in me so many years ago” Says Frank. “Knowledge and goals are meaningless without the appropriate action plan to back them up”

Putting Focus into Action

Erik Frank is a name that resonates with success in the world of personal development. Taking one step at a time, he has moved from pupil to teacher in almost every aspect of his life. His ideology is deeply inspired by the need to learn, improve and evolve. Erik Frank loves to put his learning into action. He is a listener, practitioner, and coach. After years as a personal trainer, business leader and health and wellnessentrepreneur, he is the founder of Focused Action Coaching that is setting benchmarks in the world of self-improvement for executives and leadership teams.

Erik has built and managed successful firms, which he scaled and sold in New Orleans. He is also currently the President of The Louisiana Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). As of January of 2019  EOLA is the fastest growing chapter in the world.

The work

Erik Frank conceptualized Focused Action from his experiences attending conferences, speakers and training sessions. He attended dozens if not hundreds of learning sessions with fellow entrepreneurs without getting closer to their goals.

During his time as President of EO, he was able to commiserate with fellow entrepreneurs and found the need to bridge the gap between learning and doing. Erik realized the need to focus and bring learnings received at conferences to a new level to create fruitful results.

As a professional keynote speaker based in New Orleans Erik is a storyteller at heart, Erik has been successfully charting out roadmaps to turn knowledge into know-how for conference goers.

Today, his methodology in Focused Action is assisting participants through speeches, workshops, and coaching.

Erik performs keynote speeches and workshops on personal development, leadership and developing a winning culture.

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